Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Featured Clients} Grace's 1st "Birday" Party

"Tweet." "Tweet." The birds were a chirping at our client Molly's house. Molly's daughter Grace turned one and it was time for her to spread her wings (so to speak). We worked together to customize for Grace's party our Sweet Tweet Birdie Birthday Printable Design Collection. Molly did a fantastic job styling the party...take a peek:

Welcome to Grace's 1st "Birday" Party

Feathers "around" her cap

Happy Birthday Grace

The nest (filled with yummy treats)

Bird feeder

The watering hole (Molly, kudos for providing adult beverages!)

Baby Grace and her cupcake. So cute!!

The fabulous favor table

Thank you Molly for sharing with our followers pictures from Grace's special day!



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