Wednesday, July 20, 2011

About Carrie Kane

Today's introduction -
Carrie Kane
Director of Social Media & Marketing

Carrie grew up in Orchard Park, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. A resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, since 2000, Carrie's first and foremost job is that of a mother to her amazing sons, Simon and Bryce.

Carrie works full-time as an Executive Assistant. Social media began as a hobby, and turned in to a part-time opportunity (but always a full-time passion) when she met Maureen and Adria.

In her "spare" time, Carrie is the Twitter "voice" of Anders Ruff Custom Designs. She also contributes to the Anders Ruff blog, interacts with giveaway sponsors and potential advertisers, and attends to the other miscellaneous items that land in her inbox.

One of Carrie's Twitter avatars drawn by @notthatkendall
(Carrie wanted to look happy because she generally is!)

Carrie's Favorites:

TV Show: Most anything on Bravo, South Park (I know, I know), Pawn Stars, Pickers, Cody and the other guy from that Survival show

Fashion Designer: Purse Designer: MZ Wallace

Hobbies: Google+, Twitter, Running, Eating dessert

Food: See Dessert

Dessert: Iced sugar cookies, hot fudge sundaes, chocolate mousse cake w/whipped cream & ice cream, airplane cookies (you know the kind they give out in airplanes...sometimes)

Random: I flip cars like some people flip houses



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